Introduction and origin –

Introduction and origin

Nyilo means “Happy New Year” according to the Bhutan calendar based on Buddhist astrology, the first day of winter and the shortest after which the days begin to lengthen until the Summer Solstice. It is always a national holiday in Bhutan. This beautiful day is celebrated as the New Year in Bhutan. This day is an old tradition practiced mainly in the western provinces of Bhutan namely, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang, Haa and Paro. This day is focused on children and it is believed that Innocent Children are bringing good luck and a good year ahead

Ways of celebration-

The Feast of Tabernacles begins with hot tea and porridge, accompanied by a variety of homemade delicacies. On this day, children on the evening of Nyilo would visit homes in their village singing “Lolay” – “verses of good wishes” and thus be given rice, meat and money to use for cooking and enjoying a picnic the next day. This day is full of hustle and bustle. People come together to worship the life of the people and the country all year round. The festival also marks the return of a long day.

How kids celebrate it?

On this day the children and families gather on the riverbank and have a picnic together. They also dance the traditional dances of Kummi and Kolattam. It is customary to clean the entire area and the corner of the house a few days before the ceremony. In Pongal, wearing new clothes is common. Kids watch Jallikattu sports held on this day.

Ways to wish on Nyilo –

  • Wishing Happy Nyilo “Winter Solstice” all dear & near ones.
  • May this Nyilo be filled with happiness
  • Sending hugs and Love on this Nyilo
  • Happy Nyilo to happy you

Quotes about Bhutan-

  • The first country to adopt happiness as an official goal of public policy is the tiny little country of Bhutan in Asia near China and India– Derek Bok
  • The moment you enter Bhutan, you notice that there are no traffic lights. It is almost like you’ve stepped into a Shangri-La or a vortex of time 200 years ago. Those kinds of experiences are very much of the countryside of Bhutan, where people are truly happy in the sense of not creating and wanting more– Karan Bajaj
  • Bharat for Bhutan and Bhutan for Bharat. The colour of our passports may be different but our thinking is the same. India stands committed to Bhutan’s happiness and progress– Narendra Modi
  • World talks GDP but in Bhutan its about National Happiness. Am sure having India as a neighbour would be 1 of the reasons for the happiness– Narendra Modi


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