Las Fallas Festival

Introduction and origin –

Introduction and origin

Las Fallas is Valencia’s most important festival, and has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Las Fallas in Valencia is one of Spain’s most famous festivals, It is a a 5-day street party with spectacular fireworks and glittering exhibits that culminate in everything that is on fire.

Its roots were traced back to the Middle Ages, when carpenters burned pieces of wood that were used to lift their lamps during the winter to mark the arrival of spring. Eventually they added a couple of old clothes to the fire, made them appear as symbols, and developed into the nine notes (Valencian dolls) we see today. Magnificent images of papier-mâché (known as fallas) can now be found throughout the region. A falla is a ninety-composed scene designed to create a humorous or political scene, often featuring current actors such as celebrities and politicians. Falla infantil (baby falla) and key falla are two types of fallas.


Events of Las Fallas de Valencia-

Although the official celebration takes place from March 15 to 19, activities begin on the last Sunday in February and continue until the morning of March 20.

La Crida-

The Valencian community gathers in front of Torres Serranos, the city’s media gates, on the last Sunday of February to hear speeches from the city mayor, the mayor of Fallera, and the mayor of Fallera Infantil. The night ends with the first official show of Las Fallas.

La Ofrenda de Flores-

On March 17 and 18, falleras wore traditional 18th-century costumes through the Valencian Community, carrying flowers to bring to Mary.

 St. Joseph’s Feast Day-

On the last day of Las Fallas de Valencia, the feast day of St. Joseph celebrates the earthly father of Jesus Christ, honoring St. Joseph as a holy carpenter.


 La Crema-

Valencia’s sky lit up as falleras mayores lit up the fallas after sunset on March 19, and the crowd watched as the buildings turned to ashes. The flames start to burn around 10:00 pm, but the falla at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is not lit until after 1:00 p.m.

Things to Do at Las Fallas de Valencia-

  • View and Admire sculptures
  • Witness La Cremà (The Burning of Statues
  • Discover Events La Mascletà
  • Wake Up to the Sounds of La Despertà
  • Flower Offering
  • Paella Competitions
  • La Nit del Foc Fireworks display
  • Eat Buñuelos and Chocolate
  • Visit the Las Fallas Museum


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