Introduction and origin –

Introduction and origin

Netherlands has a tradition to honour the current Monarch which began in 1890 as an attempt to try and unify the Netherlands through a national holiday. Queen’s Day was celebrated in 1890 after princess Wilhelmina became queen following the death of her father. Queen Juliana, Wilhelmina’s daughter, was crowned in 1948 and from 1949, the Queen’s Day celebrations honored her birthday on April 30. Queen Juliana’s daughter Beatrix became queen on April 30, 1980. Her birthday is on January 31, but Queen’s Day remained on April 30 coinciding with Queen Beatrix’s own coronation day and her mother’s birthday.

In 2013 it was announced that as of 2014, Queen’s Day in the Netherlands would become King’s Day, to be celebrated on April 27. This announcement followed the queen’s abdication from the throne in favour of her eldest son Willem Alexander, whose birthday is on April 27. This day celebrates official birthday of Williem-Alexander the first male monarch of Netherlands in 123 years. In Dutch this celebrations is known as Koningsdag.


Orange is the theme of the festival. Many people celebrate by dressing in orange clothes, painting their faces and hair orange, wearing orange crowns. Flea Market is another attraction of this day. King’s Day is the only day of the year when the Dutch government allows street selling without a permit and without the payment of value added tax. Each year, the royal family visits one or a few places on King’s Day. They are entertained with displays and performances around local historic events. Royal family members generally join in with the games in a good natured way and greet thousands of people who turn out to see them.


King’s Day celebration for kids is all about color orange, Orange food, Orange sweets, Orange clothes and what not? Kids draw on their faces using color orange, They make crafts about it, play with friends and family. To kids this day is about enjoying together. This day is full of happiness and laughter.

Ways to wish on king’s day-

    • Life is short. So use this time of Epiphany to reflect and treasure the family vibes. Happy king’s day.


  • All ready for the Holidays. Happy king’s day.
  • Hope you get more reasons to be happy and thankful to Jesus. Happy king’s Day.
  • May the glory of the Lord fill your heart with joy and peace on Happy King’s Day.
  • The light of peace, love, and hope shine upon you now and forever.
  • Lang leve de koning! Hoera, hoera, hoera! – Long live the King, hurrah hurrah hurrah!


Quotes about Netherlands-

  • I am from the Netherlands, so that means we like to stick to the rules, and we like to stick to the deal, and we like countries to do what they have promised.– Mark Rutte
  • The United States of America have taken their name from the United States of the Netherlands.– Seth Low
  • Why is it not possible to build a church in Saudi Arabia where as we in the Netherlands have almost 500 mosques being built; why is it not possible to buy or sell a Bible in any Muslim or most of the Muslim countries, whereas we can buy a Koran here on every street corner? This is the exact example of the fact that Islam is an intolerant society.– Geert Wilders
  • We want to make our own Netherlands, to close our borders and to keep all that money that we give to the foreigners, there is billions, to Africa for development, to Brussels, to Greece, to asylum seekers in the Netherlands, we will stop that and give all that money to the Dutch people living in the Netherlands.– Geert Wilders
  • Japan, Germany, and India seem to me to have serious writers, readers, and book buyers, but the Netherlands has struck me as the most robust literary culture in the world.-Paul Theroux


Q1. Why do we celebrate King’s Day?

Q2. How do we celebrate King’s Day?

Q3. Write down wishes for King’s Day?

Q4. How you will celebrate King’s Day?

Q5. Draw crafts for King’s Day.