Changing concept of celebrating festivals

They say that change is the only constant but some things are better unchanged, with evolvement of time and society n Number of things has been changed and one of which includes the celebration and vision about of festivals. Festivals are a sensible way to celebrate glorious values, traditions and customs. They are meant to delight special moments and emotions in our lives with our loved ones. They play an important role in adding structure to our social lives, and connecting us with our families and our backgrounds. Celebrations help us to keep in touch with our roots, our culture, Our heritage and to preserve it. They set us free from the Monotony.

Celebrations teach us to forget hostility and embrace and create a bond of love, a place of cultural harmony. When time of festival comes, the aura around changes, Everything around is full of happiness and love. Festivals were different and celebrated differently in each region, depending on local and weather conditions. However, times have changed, and so has the celebration. Change is the law of life and it has also been put in practice of celebrations. Festivals and their celebrations evolved with the passage of time.

There was a time when it was customary to have a festival every day of the year - 365 festivals a year - because the festival is a tool to bring life to a state of joy and excitement. But today, people are not able to adjust their rhythm to the music around them and to this crazy race, the meaning of the festivities has been reduced to just a holiday where we can enjoy the web all night without the pressure of waking up the next morning. Over time, the advent of freedom and a prosperous economy have influenced the course of our festive events today. Festivals have become a time to show off our wealth. Celebrations have become more self-centered. Money is the equivalent of happiness. For more money, we need to work more. It would not be surprising to find people working in festivals rather than spending quality time with families.

The word Commercialisation has been added to celebrations of festivals, Festival has been all about market these days, who gifted what? How much does it costs? From decorating houses to Eating every activity being done on festivals these days are providing market platform and a situation is being created where only economically established people can only enjoy festivals as it is not a deal of poor people anymore. Valentine’s Day Celebration can be presented as an example It is a Day which is a festival of love and romance, friendship and affection, with a great history has been rumpled to just exchanging gifts.

Culture and Traditions seems to be being abolished from the celebrations of festivals to Modernisations. Festivals lost its values , Now People don’t even teach their children the reason behind the celebration of festival. Festivity does not have that charm, modern technology should have added values and festivity to it , but it worked as diffuser hence result is in front of us , It’s high time we should start saving our festivals .

FESTIVALS Filling the Generation Gaps

Festivals are celebrated for many reasons in many ways, For some it is a communal gathering , for some it is a way to get connected with their people , for some it is a way to celebrate history and society and some celebrate festivals to celebrate Nationality and National energy. Festivals has always been an essential part of human race. Festival Celebrates the vibrancy, Traditions and innovations of society. It is a way to get engaged in a meaningful things and get memorable experiences which strengthen and bind us , our Identity, our sense of self and our connection to the place in which we prosper. Festivals are the safe keepers of a society and also it creates the identity of the society, ex, a group of people celebrating Christmas has identity of being Christian and One celebrating Holi is generally considered as Hindu.

Festival celebration in human life work as a tool, a tool which unites human, during festivals our friends and relatives come to meet us in that auspicious day. By bringing people together to spectate and participate, festivals provide a platform for collaboration and a chance for citizens, residents and visitors alike to interact, explore points of view, share opinions and see the world around them in new and interesting ways. In doing so, festivals offer society a breathing space; an opportunity to reflect and imagine alternative future scenarios.

Festivals extracts misunderstandings and Fills the gaps. It brings people together and send out a message of peace and unity. It is very much possible that it can be noticed during festival People irrespective of their age and gender Enjoy festivals together. Grown ups and kids are equally excited. A Grandfather celebrate festivals by telling story about festivals and Grandson celebrated by learning about it. It is all about togetherness , a festival can not be enjoyed alone , Its always about people , knowing them , their thoughts , learning and improving. In all these mentioned process we actually develop a sense of togetherness and a feeling of belongingness which fills the gap , Gap between a mother daughter , a father and son. People share their problems and happiness which somehow connect souls. . Festivals motivate us to be better people and to share our joy with the world. Celebrations are actually more people meeting each other, digging new types of music, new foods, new ideas and new kind of love.

Significance of Celebrating festivals with family for Kids

A festival is a special occasion of feasting or celebration, There could be so many reasons to celebrate those much awaited festivals, such as the cultural, religious and political significances. Moreover, festival varies from country to country and often address the aspirations of the locals. A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and focussing on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures. It is also often marked as a local or national holiday. Celebrating festivals with family is always like cheery on the Cake, It doubles the happiness that are spread around by festivals. Celebrating festivals with family provide learning ground for kids and helps them to evolve in every way possible, let’s discuss its significance in a descriptive manner.

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    Festivals provide opportunity to come together and celebrate which create the bond of belongingness. Our daily routines keep us away from our close friends and relatives. Celebrations unite us. It provides a wonderful time of happiness and creates strong bonds between everyone. Festivals are one time when families visit each Other or go for holidays together, It is a great time for the child to meet his cousins, grandparents and other family relatives, who otherwise may live far away. Such interactions will help your child to develop a closer bond with the family as he or she grows older.

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    Celebrating festivals with everyone can help kids to meet and greet everyone as well as they can learn the importance of togetherness. Children develop a sense of ownership by sharing their culture with their families and maintaining that sense throughout their lives.

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    Festivals involve and traditions provide the perfect avenue to reinforce values, culture, and faith, which is a crucial part of identity. Race and identity are strongly integrated and driven by family traditions.

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    Festivals celebration with family are unique and self-identifying ways families gather to honor traditions and pass on beliefs with their children.

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    Celebration together provides feeling of emotional stability and security to family members that help them connect to the world and achieve peace and balance.

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    Burmese Proverb said “In time of test, family is best.” It's hard to feel lonely and disconnected when family tradition is all around you. When families share traditions with each other, they are connected emotionally and also many times physically, as they engage in tradition making and celebratory behaviours.

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    Celebration with family create opportunities for making positive memories. When members gather to commemorate milestones and celebrate successes, they create moments in time to carry with them always. The intention of celebrating together serves as an underpinning for nostalgia and fond recollection. Children who grow up with these positive memories look forward to recreating them in their future life, keeping the concept of tradition alive

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    Research indicates that family rituals and routines can buffer the negative effects of stress, leading to better medical and psychological health. Having a healthy family-based family culture is especially important during difficult times of transition, such as adolescence. Family reunions and sharing your beliefs, while fun, are not just fun.